Beautiful handmade kitchen in Sheffield with T-Shaped island.

When you picture kitchen design ideas, we’re guessing you’re envisioning a pretty standard-looking design, one that’s rectangular and sits right smack in the centre. But guess what? There might be an even more convenient option out there that looks nothing like the traditional layout.

A T-shaped kitchen island is exactly what it sounds like: an island in the shape of a “T.” This beautiful design is especially handy if you desire seating in your kitchen as we have included here. It’s perfect for casual meals or if you want to serve up food straight from your oven to the table.

One main benefit of choosing a T-shaped kitchen island is the bonus space that you’ll get to enjoy as seen here.

If you want your culinary space to look streamlined and consistent, make sure that both sections of your T-shaped kitchen island showcase the same materials and colours. For example, in this design, both segments of the island are the same colour with the Colonial White granite worktop, creating a seamless appearance.

When planning your T-shaped kitchen island, start with this: How many people are you hoping to seat at the island? Consider family members and/or guests who will be joining you regularly and the types of chairs you want to purchase. It’s one factor that can help determine the perfect size for your needs. This layout seats 3 people comfortably on the large, comfy Calligaris New York Stools.

Whatever your personal tastes, from the moment you commission Concept Interiors, you can be confident in the knowledge that we will work closely with you to plan, design, build and install your new dream kitchen or interior to your exact expectations.

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