Concept Interiors introduce a modern twist to a classic Shaker kitchen style recently completed in Sheffield.

A style with personality, the Shaker kitchen originates from simple handcrafted furniture and features elegant panelled door fronts as seen here in this superb classic Shaker kitchen in Sheffield, recently designed, made and installed by Concept Interiors.

The true Shaker door is a style typically associated with traditional country kitchens and ideal for creating an overall kitchen look and feel that is homely and inviting, perfect for a family home. The Shaker is a classic and popular kitchen style but as many people also feel inclined towards a more modern kitchen setting there is no reason not to introduce a modern twist to the Shaker kitchen, successfully bringing these opposing styles together as seen here in this superb kitchen that we created for Mr & Mrs Proctor.

It is important to choose the right colour for your Shaker kitchen cabinets.

An easy and instant means for harmonising the modern with traditional, is to introduce colour to it. As well as classic colours like white and cream, this includes very on-trend hues such as blues and greys as seen in the island below. The use of different colour combinations works successfully together and the choice of colour is important as it can add warmth and freshness, change the tone or mood of your room, and of course create a modern feel.

Shaker kitchen door styles.

Whether you are keen to continue a style that runs throughout your home, or else digress from it, the Shaker kitchen is suitable for all style and theme of homes, and for both large and small kitchen spaces. At Concept interiors, we offer a variety of different Shaker door styles, both traditional and modern. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve there is much you can to do with the style of your kitchen and doors to accomplish a more modern twist. In the example below, our client opted for our modern Shaker door style which has a very subtle chamfer of the internal edge of the frame and also the internal edge of the door. This style sets the door back approximately 5mm from the front edge of the frame which gives it a very clean and contemporary appeal.

Choosing the right handles for your Shaker kitchen.

The kitchen handles you choose play a large part in how traditional or modern your kitchen appears so for a modern impression you could opt for a stylish contemporary design such as these Armac Martin knobs and handles in a polished nickel finish.

Selecting the right worktop for your Shaker kitchen.

A traditional Shaker kitchen would typically incorporate a worktop material such as granite, manufactured to a thickness of 30mm, but for a more modern impression, as seen in this example, a 20mm Quartz worktop works better for a sleek, polished effect.  In this example, our client opted for 20mm Ice Chips Quartz ideal for a modern, stylish kitchen that is unlikely to date but retain its appeal with the passing of time.

I think what we have managed to demonstrate from this superb kitchen is that no matter what your home’s setting or décor, the traditional Shaker style is versatile and adaptable as required to suit your needs, and if keen to modernise it then this is perfectly achievable. Be sure to speak to an industry professional who can help you fully explore your options for adding a modern twist to this style and in so doing you can achieve the welcoming and homely ambience that a Shaker kitchen affords, within a modern and ultra-stylish setting.

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