Our Modernist, British made, Handle-less Kitchen in Sheffield.

Our signature “Modernist” handleless kitchen range comprises stunning, contemporary design and exceptional British craftsmanship, produced by hand by our expert cabinet makers in our Sheffield factory. The whole philosophy behind this range is to offer our clients a sleek, modern kitchen but with all the hallmarks of quality British craftsmanship.

All of our bespoke, luxury handleless kitchens are made-to-measure, meaning every design is bespoke to your space and your inspiration.

Our true handleless design means seamless, flowing lines which contribute to the minimalist aesthetic that’s so desirable. All of our handleless cabinets are produced with an independent channel handle that is rebated into the top of the cabinet.

One of the statement pieces of a luxury true handleless kitchen is the handle rail. A beautiful touch that provides an accent to contrast with, or compliment, the cabinetry.

Here, we have used a solid oak channel rail to create a beautiful contrast with the painted cabinetry but also to tie together the accents of oak that also exist within this beautiful space.

We offer solid wood, fully dovetailed drawer cabinets throughout with 18mm rigid carcases and an incredibly diverse choice of beautiful colour combinations and finishes.