Rotpunkt Kitchens Sheffield

At Concept Interiors, we work everyday to make our kitchens just that little bit better. To adapt the variety of fronts to your taste. To optimise the technology. To make you even happier with a Rotpunkt kitchen. The results? You can always find them here.

You’ll want the best you can afford in a new kitchen, and that often means a German kitchen. German kitchens are highly thought of for good reasons.

The high quality found in Rotpunkt Kitchens tends to be the norm with German kitchen brands. They all use high-quality materials, and all are likely to last fifteen to twenty years in good condition.

Where the difference comes, though, is in their specifications. It’s in this respect that Rotpunkt Kitchens are, in our opinion, superior to many other German brands. For instance, they use 8mm-thick solid backs, rather than the 3mm thick hard board backs used by many other German brands.

They also offer far more choice of colour for the interiors of the carcasses. Where many brands only offer white interiors, Rotpunkt Kitchens offer 25 colours.

Rotpunkt produces modern and high quality kitchens, which are exported worldwide from Germany and we are proud to be the chosen elite retailer in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. The company employs more than 300 qualified employees in production, logistics and administration at its headquarters in Bünde and the Getmold plant.

Our showroom in Sheffield plays host to the Rotpunkt product and you can come and see and feel the quality first hand. Please arrange your showroom visit today by calling us on 0114 285 2762 or email Kieron at [email protected].