The kitchen Air Venting Hob, what are the options?

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  • November 21, 2018

With many of our customers looking at alternative options for island cooking and extraction we thought that we would take a look at the air venting hobs.

Since the introduction of the Bora Basic venting hobs with an innovative all in one appliance (cooking and ventilation), many alternatives have entered the market place. Venting hobs offer an all in one appliance which is stylish and aesthetically pleasing and which offers many solutions in kitchen design, creating open living spaces with no extractors blocking line of vision and in some cases, offering a cost saving solution in the kitchen.

The main idea of a venting hob is to capture vapours before they get into the room by drawing the air directly at counter height. The venting hobs have a cross flow which is greater than the rising steam or vapour, which is then sucked back down into the vent.

Below, we discuss the details of the main brands and products that we supply and install at Concept Interiors in Sheffield. Some of which we have working displays available to see at our kitchen showroom in Sheffield at 117 Bamforth Street, S6 2HE.

The Bora Basic Range.

With 6 different hobs available within the Bora Classic Range, they have combined a high performance cooktop and an effective extractor to create an attractive unit. Various sizes and functions offer alternatives for every kitchen. So, which option is the best one for you? The Basic range comes with two variants, an exhaust air kit (to be ducted outside) and a recirculation extractor. The Bora Basic venting hob is available on display at our showroom for your viewing pleasure.

RRP £3,195.00 ex vat.

The Neff Flex Induction Venting Hob Ceramic Glass on Stainless Steel trim.

The Neff Flex Induction Venting hob offers an alternative design to the Bora with the rectangular shaped vent in the centre and a stainless steel trim finished around the edge of the hob. At 80cm wide, the air venting flex induction hob combined with an integrated extractor unit. It is suitable for both ducted extraction or recirculation in one hob. The Neff venting hob is available with features found already within their range of induction hobs such as the FlexInduction which allows you to place your pots and pans anywhere you want and heats them exactly where they stand, auto detecting the pan size.

The twist pad element is also a nice really nice feature which is a removable, magnetic, illuminated control knob that gives you precise, convenient control over all cooking zones.

Two other key stand out features include Power Move, where the flex zone is divided into three heating zones which consist of boiling at the front, simmering in the middle and warming at the rear.

The other feature is the Frying Sensor which has 5 selectable temperature settings monitors the set temperature and holds it steady to ensure that there is no burning.

RRP £2,650.00 ex vat.

The Siemens Induction Air Hob.

The Siemens Induction air hob is another popular choice. Similar to the Neff Flex Induction Venting hob, it boasts similar features with the addition of the cooking sensor plus to avoid over boiling. Simply attach the sensor to the pan and it will interact with the hob, signalling when a certain temperature has been reached and keeping it at that exact level. Another nice additional feature of this hob is the dual light slider which allows you to operate the hob effortlessly.

The extractor on this model is slightly different and features IQ Drive which is their most efficient, most durable and most powerful motor, designed to operate your hood with maximum extraction performance and at the same time, lowering the sound level.

The Climate Control Sensor takes care of all ventilation level adjustments for you. The sensor constantly detects the level of odours in the air and automatically adjusts the motor level accordingly.

RRP £2,700.00 ex vat.

The Miele TwoInOne Induction hob with extractor.

No matter whether you are frying or steaming, the TwoInOne reliably absorbs vapours and odours. Fats are efficiently filtered through the 10-ply stainless steel metal grease filter. The automatic Con@ctivity 2.0 feature determines the correct fan setting and regulates it continuously during the entire cooking process. So you can concentrate fully on making great food. PowerFlex is another feature that is characterised by the flexible use of the cooking zones and a particularly high power output.

Intuitive operation is ensured by the Smart Select controls, which help you make the most of a wide range of functions.

RRP £2,920.00 ex vat.


The Westin Harmony integral hob and extractor.

The new Westin Harmony is the latest in worktop solutions and provides an ideal cooking combination. A fully featured induction hob partners with efficient extraction to quietly draw odours, steam and fumes as soon as they are created. It offers a simple solution with minimal installation where ceiling extraction may not be an option. The Harmony’s superior performance comes as a result of an energy efficient motor and the need for less duct bends within its installation.

RRP £2,350.00 ex vat.


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