What to expect from kitchen designs in 2019 | Kitchen Design Trends 2019.

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  • November 30, 2018


The kitchen is the hub of any home. It’s where families and friends gather to cook and share meals together. It is a very high-traffic space and it generally influences the design of the rest of the house, especially if the home has an open plan layout. Whatever colours and materials are used in the kitchen normally set the tone for other areas that are adjacent to it, for example the dining and living areas.

As 2018 winds down, at Concept Interiors, we have already started thinking about the trends to expect in the year ahead—especially those that will dominate kitchens. This year, we’ve seen everything from banquette seating to two-toned kitchen cabinetry, and while those will likely continue to play a role in kitchen designs of all styles, there’s a whole new crop of design trends to consider for 2019.

Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or just open to inspiration for a simple refresh, consider this list on the top kitchen trends that we expect to see in 2019.

  1. Matte Black.

Matte black will continue to be a predominant finish for kitchen fixtures and hardware accents. Black feels fresh as a crisp accent colour in light-coloured kitchens, and black finishes are a way to add some drama without fully darkening your kitchen.

We think that 2019 and beyond will see the all-white kitchen take a back seat to dark, dramatic shades of black, punctuated by moody greys. Deeper hues hide a multitude of scuff marks and sins (making them far easier to maintain and keep clean), and black has the power to make any space look instantly sleeker and more modern.

  1. Matte Black Appliances & Accessories.

Black appliances and accessories are also set to be hugely popular in 2019. For example, Miele’s PureLine range of Obsidian Black and Graphite Grey appliances combines front-line technology with exquisite black or graphite glass design fronts. Black matt appliances, including black stainless steel, are particularly in demand, with their smooth dark surfaces appearing chic yet understated. Even better, its accommodating nature makes a matt black finish the perfect foundation for contrasting décor and accessories. This includes rich colours and on-trend warm metallic’s. From ovens, fridges, taps, sinks and even flip-up sockets, the range of available black matt kitchen products is increasingly diverse and certainly set to impress homeowners in 2019.

  1. Stone & Ceramic Kitchens.

In contrast to smooth matt black surfaces, richly textured stone and ceramic kitchens are also set to gain traction in 2019. Whilst these materials were previously limited for use as work surfaces, their hard-wearing nature has seen them transcend into kitchen cabinetry. Resistant to scratches, stains, heat and the ingress of water they have an easy-care nature – and of course create a beautiful kitchen look. Denoting “urban cool”, stone and ceramic kitchen finishes bring a rawness to the kitchen that is both dramatic and contemporary. They are ideal for a show-stopping kitchen island or bank of appliances and are available in book-matched door fronts, worktops and side-panels.

  1. Classic & Modern

In 2019, kitchens will be a mix of classic and modern. People want modern amenities and integrated looks, but they don’t want their kitchens to look space aged. It’s the heart of the home and they want their kitchens to feel warm, welcoming, and attractive.

  1. Digital Technology

Digital technology will continue to drive innovations and new pleasures in the kitchen, giving homeowners ever more specific home appliances targeted to their tastes. Wifi-enabled espresso makers can prepare your morning cappuccino before you even get out of bed, and wine technology is evolving from big wine fridges to restaurant-quality single pour preservation systems.

  1. Pendant Light Fixtures

Statement hanging pendants will be important in denoting different areas within an open-plan space. Anchoring the dining area will be particularly important and sculptural jewellery, like pendants in hard finishes with a mid-century Italian influence, will be popular in luxury developments.

  1. Integrated Appliances

We will continue to see integrated appliances. We have hoods that are slim and turn on automatically that are stronger than some of the industrial ones we have seen in the past. Induction cook tops continue to be increasingly popular because of their seamless look. You no longer need to see appliances sticking out everywhere anymore and that’s the new face of luxury.

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