Exquisite Glass German kitchen for an elegant and timeless appeal. Designed and completed by the award winning Concept Interiors of Sheffield.

Glass is a material renowned for its sleek and modern look. Time and time again it is used within home décor for an instant touch of elegance, and so it follows that glass kitchen doors make an equally stunning addition for a modern kitchen design. Glass kitchen doors give a 3 dimensional depth effect and are the perfect choice for achieving a kitchen setting that is both exceptional and luxurious. It is also timeless in appearance as seen in the example below.

Our Glass kitchen are also practical, easy to clean, and extremely durable. Manufactured from toughened safety glass, the doors consist of solid glass panel fixed to a support plate which has been specifically designed for use within the home kitchen environment. The glass is resistant to the pressure typically exerted through accidental knocks or blows that may be expected within a family home, meaning that glass kitchens offer both style and safety in abundance.

The most exclusive of all our matt kitchen finishes, matt glass kitchens are a range truly for the modern enthusiast. The tones lend themselves effectively in conjunction with other luxurious finishes such as high gloss doors as seen in the example below.

A popular choice for use in flagship projects, matt glass finishes can equally be used to add a touch of exclusivity to any kitchen design. In the example below we have used Lava Grey Matt glass on the back wall and introduced a high gloss door in the island. One of the great qualities of glass kitchen doors is that they are compatible with the majority of other materials and surfaces. This means no matter the style or theme of your home, glass kitchen doors will complement the other elements within. This includes wood, metal and stone, all of which are popular choices for worktops, flooring and décor. But this also includes other finishes, as glass kitchen doors also work well in conjunction with other colours or cabinetry styles.

This can be seen in abundance here where we have combined the glass with various different materials and themes within this stunning room setting. It is a perfect example of modern meeting traditional head on to create a perfect recipe.





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