Earth Day 2020 | Concept Interiors

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  • April 22, 2020

An increased focus on climate change globally is prompting consumers to place more emphasis on sustainability, a trend that was highlighted in the 2019 UK Houzz & Home Renovation Trends Study. The research found an increase since 2016 in the amount of homeowners who prioritised energy efficiency and green materials in their renovation plans.

Timber is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available. It’s naturally renewable, extremely versatile, light, strong and warm and welcoming to live with. At Concept Interiors, we source all of our timber from sustainable sources for use within the beautiful kitchens and interiors we produce.

As well as being naturally beautiful, wood is also extremely versatile. Different species of tree produce timber of differing colours, textures and functional qualities. Wood also competes with plastic in its enormously wide range of applications: from structural frames to exterior cladding and joinery, and from decorative finishes to furniture.

At Concept Interiors, we are finding that consumers are placing an increased importance on sustainability when it comes to choosing products and services. A 2018 Nielsen global survey found that 81% of respondents feel strongly that businesses should help improve the environment.

This is a very big topic these days and essential for many clients. We believe that when we show a possible client the knowledge we have about sustainability, they trust that we will be thinking about it inherently.

Every potential client would like to know their home designer can be trustworthy, both personally and professionally. So whilst our eco credentials might not be a deal-breaker, they certainly help to build our relationship with our individual clients and enhance our reputation within the wider market.

It often takes a challenge to force creative thinking. A sustainable focus can prompt you to try new materials and design strategies, which in turn could provide a more interesting and innovative result for the client.

Whether it is ensuring our team recycles as much as possible to choosing green energy suppliers, our team is working towards being as sustainable as possible and we encourage the same of all our professionals.

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